Five Japanese football experts pre Japan squad announcement chat shows how highly rated our Celtic stars are

As the Japan international squad furore rumbles on, many commenters and journalists have had their say on Hajime Moriyasu’s team selection after the fact.

What I have found really interesting was the views of Japanese journalists on the squad announcement. Most are bewildered at the exclusion of Kyogo and Reo Hatate so for some balance, I tried to see if there was any talk BEFORE the squad announcement about any of Celtic’s Japanese contingent being worthy of inclusion in the national squad.

And what I found was very interesting.

As reported by Sportiva via Yahoo Japan these experts all had their say on who from Celtic should have made the Japan sqaud:

Shigeki Sugiyama (Sportswriter) predicted that Kyogo, Hatate AND Tomoki Iwata would have been included in the national squad.

He was hoping that Hatate would partner Kota Watanabe in the double pivot and said that Kyogo is BETTER than J League striker Yuma Suzuki and should have been selected ahead of him.

Bizarrely, he left out Daizen Maeda from the squad.

Yoshiyuki Komiya (Sportswriter) said only Reo Hatate would his squad to help form a solid defence but only as a back up to Arsenal’s Takehiro Tomiyasu.

Yuhei Harayama (soccer writer) wanted only Reo Hatate and Daizen Maeda in his starting line up. He said that Maeda’s selection will depend on the opposition but he does offer great defensive attributes and would like to see him threaten the goal more often.

Jun Nakayama (Football Journalist) said that Hatate, Kyogo and Maeda should all have been selected with Kyogo being utilised to help Maeda’s goalscoring record.

Maki Asada (Sportswriter) didn’t have any of the Celtic players in his starting squad but said Reo Hatate (Celtic), and speed-type forwards Kyogo Furuhashi and Daizen Maeda (both Celtic) should all have been included in the squad.

Five experts, all wanted Hatate and Kyogo in the squad and one also included Iwata.

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