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“At least he admits it’s a new Rangers” , “Can see why he’s captain”, “Is he talking about a new batch of referees” – Celtic fans roast Tavernier’s blockbusting transfer insight

They certainly do love bumping their gums in the media don’t they?

If it’s not Beale spouting some p*sh about only being three points behind us or how lucky Ange Postecoglou is as a manager, it’s their players saying how they will come back stronger or some boll*cks like that.

Rangers, under Beale, have become so arrogant that I would reckon that if every football fan didn’t dislike them before his appointment, they certainly do now.

His sense of self entitlement is off the charts and the soundbites he delivers to the media show his as a desperate Ange wannabe.

But this time it’s not Beale that’s rattling the sabres.

It’s Tavernier with some earth shattering update that leave us all feeling speechless:

This earth shattering update is what we all needed.

Here was me thinking that the purpose of new signings was to stagnate the team and make it worse.

Next thing he’ll be telling us all is that winning trophies helps enhance your clubs reputation with the fans.

A total non entity of a club. A total non entity of a story.

I suppose that kind of goes with the separate entity down at Ibrox.

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