Statue at Celtic Park

“I’m astounded this article hasn’t been deleted yet”, “What a laugh on a Monday morning” – Celtic fans savage Keith Jackson’s bizarre Ange comments

This guy.

How he got a job in the Scottish press as a professional journalist I will never know.

I have been doing this job for a couple of years ago, with no formal training but even I wouldn’t write half the sh*te Jackson comes away with.

From billionaires to liquidation denial, the press’s very own in-house Sevco cheerleader embarrasses himself on a weekly basis with his inane ramblings about the ongoings over at Ibrox and this week, he doesn’t let us down:

Ange’s team have rattled the back of the net on more occasions since Beale has become the *Rangers boss.

Postecoglou is still only been defeated once in a calendar year. The only dropped points since the St Mirren defeat was at Ibrox and even then it took a dodgy penalty and VAR to save them from another defeat at the hands of the Celtic gaffer.

For an impartial journalist, Jackson has a strange and weird obsession about writing feel good stories about the Ibrox club and the Celtic fans called it out:

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