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Ibrox site’s mutiny as it rams Stewart Robertson’s Morelos/Dembele valuation down his throat

You have got to love the Ibrox clubs ability to absolutely implode just at the right time for us, but the wrong time for them.

They just seem to have that ability of taking all the progress they have made (I say that literally, not factually) roll it up into a ball, throw it in a toilet and p*ss all over it.

It’s quite incredible.

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And as the chickens come home to roost on their recruitment and retention strategy, one Ibrox fan site took aim at the man they blame squarely for allowing two of their top stars to potentially leave for free in the summer.

And the quote they devastatingly use to ram home their point? When Robertson claimed this not so long ago, We rate Morelos at least the same as Dembele in terms of value.”

The site claims Robertson has lost the club £20m in transfer fees for allowing Morelos to run his contract down but even that is fanciful.

Not one club has offered anywhere near the region of that fee. They can only wish that they could command transfer fees that we receive consistently.

If I was a Rangers fan I would be at my wits end with that board.

But I am not, so I can point, and laugh as the implosion over at Ibrox is just getting started.

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