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“I wouldn’t be having that” – Mark Guidi blasts recent transfer rumours for Celtic duo

£7m. An absolute shambles of an offer for a Celtic player who came in third at the World Cup and for another who was top scorer in the Eredivise then followed it up with another top scorer season in his first season at Celtic.

Josip Juranovic and Giorgos Giakoumakis are two players that are worth, in my estimation, DOUBLE what is currently reported to be on the table.

And it is a view shared by journalist Mark Guidi.

As reported by Vital Celtic, Guidi said on Go Radio, “If the £7 million is accurate from Monza then listen, £7 million is still a lot of money and fair play to Monza if that’s what they think the valuation is.

“For me, it seems very low for Juranovic. I can’t see Celtic accepting anything like that.

“And Giakoumakis appears to be a kind of similar type of fee that’s been mooted in the media.

“And if it’s me, I’m not selling Giakoumakis for £7 million. Absolutely not.

“I know he is not starting for Celtic and I get that Kyogo is the number one striker, but for me, Giakoumakis is every bit as good a finisher.

“He’s maybe not as silky and not as pleasing on the eye, but Giakoumakis for £7 million? I wouldn’t be having that.”

And to add insult to injury, Monza are looking to LOAN Juranovic without an obligation to buy. Why? What point does he have to prove?

Is being Croatia’s first choice right back not good enough? Is third place finish in the World Cup not deemed high on the list of what makes a good player?

I’m with Guidi. Celtic should chase these chancers and tell them to get their chequebook out.

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