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“I know for sure” – Mark Guidi explains Crawford Allan mystery disappearance as VAR causes weekend meltdown

VAR is the absolute bane of Scottish football this season isn’t it?

Ever since the new technology was introduced in November, it has caused nothing but controversy and pain and all at a premium cost the clubs in the top flight.

It got so bad that Crawford Allan made an appearance on BBC Sportsound specifically to target Celtic’s Kyogo Furuhashi over unfounded ‘diving’ claims and apparent offside goals.

In a move labelled by fans as sinister and insincere the head of referees has been strangely quiet over the last few months as his VAR world burns down around him.

But Mark Guidi seems to have offered an explanation as to why he has no showed over the last few months.

Speaking to The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “Crawford Allan who is in charge of referees, I know for sure, he is getting 9-10 phone calls on Monday morning or emails from various managers every Monday morning without fail.

“I think he takes calls and will go into to dialogue with various managers to try and explain with the benefit the weekend which is always a good thing.

To go and sleep on something. To give it 24 hours to settle down and then have a conversation. You would be concerned if he wasn’t. He’s perplexed, I’m sure, at some decisions from his referees, too.”

So basically, it’s gotten so bad, that Allan’s time is being taken up by managers emails and phone calls.

But, unfortunately for him, he set the precedent. He made the choice to appear on a national broadcaster and focus solely on one Celtic player. He now must come out and explain exactly what is going on to improve this situation and how VAR only seems to be benefitting one club in the league.

He does realise how it looks if he doesn’t, right?

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