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Hugh Keevins sends Celtic a very bizarre Michael Beale title warning

Look, I’m not one for claiming the title is done. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But I am also a realist.

For Rangers to catch Celtic, they would need to go unbeaten for the rest of the league season and we would need to lose a minimum of four games.

Neither is likely to happen.

But what I find strange about Hugh Keevins comments are is that he seems to suggest that we should be fearful of a guy who has achieved the square root of zero as a manager.

He struggled in his first two fixtures but with a little bit of VAR help he still picked up six points and against an underperforming Celtic, VAR still couldn’t help him win a must win game.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “Celtic are nine points clear and are a very, very good team with an exceptional subs bench.

But Michael Beale will make them work for the title.

They can’t afford to be complacent, not that that would be a possibility under Ange Postecoglou but they have to be mindful week in, week out of the different Rangers that now confront them.”

We don’t need be mindful of anything. As we continue our relentless form on the park, the Celtic board support Ange off it by getting in reinforcements.

If anyone needs dished out a warning it’s Beale. He faces winning nothing as the Rangers boss unless his own club support him the way Ange has been.

And the worrying thing for Beale is that the support doesn’t look forthcoming.

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