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Hugh Keevins calls for fans favourite to be DROPPED after Glasgow Derby draw

Knee jerk reactions are always dangerous when a result doesn’t go your way.

Especially after a Glasgow Derby.

When a player makes a mistake, there is always a clamber or an inquest to either get the player dropped or subbed during the match.

Generally, it’s Carl Starfelt that cops it. His debut against Hearts in the first game of last season was a catalyst for people like Hugh Keevins writing him off after one match.

Now? It’s the turn of Joe Hart.

We all know Hart is not the best goalkeeper with the ball at his feet but we also all know how Ange Postecoglou wants to play the game.

It’s risk and reward. For all the attacking intent in the team and the goals that come with it, there is risk attached and we saw that yesterday when Morelos snatched the ball from Hart and almost capitilised.

So, should the big Englishman be dropped off the back of that?

Not for me, but for Hugh Keevins? Yes, he should.

Speaking post match on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “With regard to Joe Hart. I think Joe Hart with the ball at his feet is a scare for everyone concerned.

He seems to think that time stands still with the ball is at his feet. He takes an eternity to do anything and then he almost lost it to Morelos today.

I think Benji Siegrist is due a shot to be fair but I would also point out that after his mistake, Joe Hart then bailed himself out with a tremendous save to turn the ball on to the post.”

Hart stays between the sticks for me. Siegrist will be subject to the same conditions as Hart and until he does something to cost us a result, or points in the league, Hart stays as our No 1. No question.

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