Statue at Ibrox

“Him and Tav are the best things to happen to Celtic”, “These guys will go down as Celtic legends” – Priceless reactions as embarrassing Sevco ‘protestant player’ video emerges

There are times where I just don’t understand humanity.

What makes people do things that normal people just won’t do.

Like this section of humanity.

The Rangers fan.

Long revered as a strange fanbase whenever they go abroad, the Rangers fan is genuinely a different breed to any other football fan on the planet.

Their obsession with being British, wanting to be English and why they f*ck*ng revel in all that Royalty nonsense is beyond me.

But it is their staunch behaviour that makes them the laughing stock of Scottish football.

And their players. Check out this cringeworthy nonsense from Ryan Jack:

What is Ryan Jack doing? And why get involved in such a bigot fest?

His face, his demeanour and his reaction after the song genuinely gives me second hand embarrassment.

Then, that club always has.

And I’ll the last sentiment to this guy. A shout out we can all be thankful for:

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