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Hibs embarrass Hugh Keevins pro-Ibrox hype after half time ‘prediction’

Hugh Keevins is a strange wee character.

Some of his predictions and column pieces, I swear if he didn’t appear on the radio, you would think he was a parody.

Take this piece below:

This is something of the norm from the journalist that once declared on Clyde 1 that Rangers died, obviously before all the b*llshi*t of Charles Green ‘buying’ their history was churned out by him and his ilk.

And then we have this. As the Beale love in with the Scottish MSM continues, Keevins got himself all in a flutter as his excitement at the return of the real football seemed to overwhelm him.

Predicting the result of the game after a Rangers fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, ” I would guess that the game will be done in the first 45 minutes.

“I will tell you exactly what I think.

“By half time the game will be done.

“Because you’ve got a team who really must put on a performance in front of a full house and another team who are incapable of stopping them.”

It’s this kind of embarrassing fawning that makes a mockery of the show and Scottish journalism as a whole.

Even as a Celtic fan, I thought they would win last night, but not at a canter.

Hibs have a history (not that kind of history!) of making life difficult for the Govan mob and they did that for exactly, well, 45 minutes.

Keevins will never learn though. He takes pleasure in knowing that his predictions are terrible. He thinks we are laughing with him.

Who wants to tell him?

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