“Here comes the pr fight back”, “Bright as a 5w bulb” – Celtic fans absolutely rinse Kris Boyd’s latest ‘corrupt’ column. The club needs to defend our fans from this guy

This guy.

It’s hard enough to take him serious at the best of times.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever taken ANYTHING he has said seriously.

The guy is the biggest clown in Scottish media and how he landed a job with Sky completely baffles me.

This is a guy that bemoaned the time when no Rangers players ‘tested’ Callum McGregor’s face mask when the Celtic captain had a fractured cheekbone.

This is also the same guy that claimed Celtic GET HELP from referees in a rant that started a media witch hunt against Kyogo Furuhashi [Football Scotland].

So I will take no lessons from this clown when he starts to have a go at Celtic fans for their rage against the referee performance in Monday’s Glasgow Derby.

Boyd took aim at the Celtic manager, Chris Sutton and incredibly even claimed that Celtic fans could start to attack officials in the street if this didn’t stop.

If what didn’t stop? The calling out of shocking refereeing decisions that seem to only benefit one team in Scotland?

Kris Boyd says this could be dangerous for Scotlands officials. No Kris, you insinuation that referees could be attacked by Celtic fans is dangerous when you have no shred of proof that there is even a hint of this you absolute moron.

Time this guy was taken off the air and the media once and for all.

And the final one I will leave here:

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