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“He would be better just picking it up ffs”, “Just another day in the SPFL” – Outstanding Tynecastle ‘honest mistake’ comes under the spotlight

If it wasn’t such a serious issue, this would be hilarious.

VAR in Scotland benefits one club and one club only. *Rangers.

They are the only club in the country that have never been penalised for handball but yet they are the only team in the country that commits more handball offences than any other in the league.

Make it make sense.

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And the main culprit for that is Conor Goldson.

The big defender has committed the offence on three separate occasions , more infamously in the Glasgow Derby draw at Ibrox, but every single time the VAR officials find him not guilty.

It’s incredible.

And after footage of the handball was released on Twitter, the Celtic fans could not believe what they had witnessed:

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