On their way to Paradise

He never learns. Listen as Hugh Keevins makes another hilarious anti-Celtic prediction

Ahhhhh you have to love this, don’t you?

The minute Hugh Keevins opens his mouth you just know that that the exact opposite is going to happen.

The truth is though, the guy never learns.

How many times is Keevins going to make these ludicrous predictions before he is taken off the air because his desperation for Celtic to fail during a game is not even funny now.

Listen to this:

It’s starting to get embarrassing. If it wasn’t already.

Just before Oh’s brilliant goal to put Celtic 2-1 up, Keevins said this:

You would think he would know better.

Even I knew that with fifteen minutes to go, even though we played absolute dug sh*t, we would fashion a few chances.

Not Shug though. He continues to bang the anti-Celtic drum in the hope that he gets at least one correct.

Not this time Shug. Or ever if your track record is anything to go by!

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