Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

“He must have ignored the Billy Boys chants immediately after the minutes silence broke” – Celtic fans call out Sevco supporting Labour councillor for minute silence tweet

I can’t stand hypocrisy. Genuinely I can’t. Especially from jumped up politicians that use their position of authority and power to point score over the Celtic fans whilst ignoring the conduct of his own support.

Which is exactly what this guys did.

Selective hearing is an affliction that haunts this kind of Rangers fan and whilst he heard a few Celtic fans voices during a minutes silence for the Ibrox Disaster (which was wrong) he completely ignored the bile and sectarianism that came pouring out of the stands the minute that silence was up.

The full rendition of Billy Boys rang through the stadium as well as No Pope of Rome and the usual paedophile chants turned the atmosphere into sectarian poison (and let’s not forget the missiles being thrown) but obviously, Armour must have had a clinic going on or else I am sure he would have condemned it:

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