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Has Phil Mac revealed the hilarious details of the Todd Cantwell deal?

Valued at £8m by Transfermarkt (yes, don’t get me started) you would think that the signing of Todd Cantwell would be heralded as some sort of coup for the Ibrox club.

Well, it is, but you know what I mean.

Put it this way, if he is that good and valued so highly, why was there no other clubs seriously looking to take him?

And I mean seriously. Not just bumbling bullsh*t from the Scottish media.

Because if you were to look at what Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain has revealed about the deal, even Aberdeen’s Scottish Cup conquerors, Darvel could afford him.

In his latest blog, Phil says of the deal:

£125k. Spread over TWO YEARS. How bad is the financial state of this mob?

As Phil also states, the watchful eye of UEFA is all over them and Cantwell is so highly rated that his former club, seemingly, couldn’t wait to give him away.

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