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Former Celtic star tells Rangers to shut up and do their talking on the pitch

After last weeks Glasgow Derby defeat, we have all had to suffer the usual diatribe emanating from Ibrox players as they continue their posturing and air of self entitlement.

Ra peepo have done nothing but bump their gums about how the next fixture against them will be a different story and how we will see the true Rangers the next time they come up against Celtic.

I’d love to see that but we’d need a shovel and pickaxe to dig them up from their grave.

And former Celtic striker Frank McAvennie has sent a message to Ibrox. One that he believes their own fans will send if their players don’t start delivering on the pitch.

Callum McGregor said it last week that Celtic do their talking on the pitch,” he told Football Insider.

All Rangers are doing is talking in the papers and I am getting fed up of it. Even the Rangers supporters are as well.

Do it on the park and then come out and say that you know you are better than them afterwards.

It is every time they play each other Rangers players claim they are better even though they get beat. Just do your talking on the pitch that is what I would say.

I say let them talk. Let them continue their nonsense because the more they jabber on, the more they suffer as their pain after another Derby defeat rips through them.

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