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“File under merde” – Transfer expert reveals Sevco news but eagle eyed Celts spot fatal flaw

As Celtic look set to seal the deal Oh Hyeon-gyu this morning [Vital Celtic], the Ibrox club continue to play catch up to the Ange Postecoglou revolution.

Mick Beale, (nah, I can’t do it), Michael Beale added the first face to his own mini revival with the arrival of Tod Cantwell (amid hilarity over the fee details) and with the Govan wetting themselves over the arrival of a guy that has hardly played any football this season, they got themselves all giddy over this latest update from a supposed transfer expert:

And, to be fair, it does seem legit right?

Blue tick. Foreign journalist. Photoshopped picture.

Wait, what? Ok, but that is not what the red flag is. It’s not until you translate the tweet that you see why you cannot take this journalist at his word:

#BREAKING We announced it on Thursday... (Cool!)

“Nicolas #Raskin soon at #RangersFC ! (Superb!)

Player agreement. 4 and a half year contract. (Nice!)

Medical tests last week (Good for him!)

The Scottish leaders are coming to Liège to finalize the deal with #RSCL in the coming hours.” (Wait! Scottish leaders??)

How can anyone take the word of a journalist when he can’t even get the basic facts of the club he is reporting on correctly?

Oh, and FYI, the coming hours? It’s almost 24 hours since the update but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good few retweets.

But, as always, the Celtic fans were on it and advised the *Rangers support to ‘cool’ their expectations:

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