phrase racism is pandemic on signboard

“Even for this bunch that’s a yikes”, “OMFG”, “I honestly can’t believe what I’ve heard” – Sevco fans casual racism shines through after cup defeat

It’s not even surprising now though is it?

Ungracious in victory, they are even worse in defeat and when it comes to our Japanese players, it seems that they are fair game for that dispicable support.

Time and time again have we heard this fanbase go for the race card after we have handed them their ar*e in a game and it is as predictable as it is boring.

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And here they are, on Rangers Radio, true to form:


Where do you even start with this?

For a club that was quick enough to play the victim race card when Glen Kamara was racially assaulted, they don’t half abandon these so called ‘standards’ when it suits.

A despicable fanbase with a despicable mind set. It’s little wonder they are hated by all Scottish football fans.

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