On their way to Paradise

“Don’t turn into Rangers” – Chris Sutton’s outstanding put down to Tottenham podcasters ‘lifetime ban’ plea

Big Chris has them on strings. Every. Single. Time.

Whether it’s *Rangers fans, Arsenal fans or any other team in the league, the big man just has a knack of annoying and pushing the buttons of fans who were rivals to former clubs.

The ex Celtic striker, obviously, had history of playing with Chelsea and when he took the time to fire shots at Spurs striker, Harry Kane, it provoked this response from a Spurs podcaster, and an excellent response from Sutton himself.

This is obviously regarding the ban that the Govan club put on Sutton when they claimed they couldn’t guarantee his safety when covering European fixtures for BT Sport last season and the question still remains on that one.

Who were Rangers protecting Sutton from that night? Their own fans because if it was then they are labelling their own supporters as untrustworthy football hooligans.

Which they are.

Outstanding from Sutton and I am absolutely positive that this will have the required and usual meltdown from the Ibrox hordes in due course.

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