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“Comparing Beaton in a Rangers pub v Collum in a Catholic church is crass” – Graham Spiers latest podcast lambasted

I’ll put it out there, Graham Spiers podcast is pretty decent.

I was subscribed to it a couple of months ago but, as a Celtic blog, there wasn’t enough Celtic content on it for me (which is understandable) so I cancelled.

If anyone has never listened to his pod, Spiers does tackle some of the most contentious issues in Scottish football and is not one of those journalists that believes the ‘new club’ hype.

Overall, I feel he is fairly balanced.

But on the issue of bias in refereeing, his guest, Andrew Smith dropped the ball when speaking about Beaton being photographed in a Rangers pub after he reff’ed a Glasgow Derby . Massively.

Have a listen:

Fair play to him for lambasting Beaton, but his comparison of Beaton drinking in a Rangers pub and comparing it to Willie Collum going to a place of worship was daft.

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