On their way to Paradise

“That’s your take from this???” – Heart & Hand rinsed for Chris Sutton tweet

Rangers fans, bloggers and podcasters are a set of people I will never understand. Ever.

Well, that’s not strictly true. There are some Rangers fans that I have as friends. Good honest people who will call a spade a spade.

But the bloggers and podcasters? They are next gen batsh*t mental.

They see nothing in life without a tinge of blue in their spectacles and whilst it can be funny at times, it is also so very tragic.

Because they can’t see the obvious.

Liquidation? Didn’t see it coming cause of they red cards they were holding up.

Ange Postecoglou? He’s Australian. What does he know?

Champions League: Well, they won the worlds best worst team at that.

Aaron Ramsey: Gave us so much joy. Them? Not so much.

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And then there was Chris Sutton.

Beale cracked yesterday when it was suggested to him that Sutton believed has it been Celtic instead of Partick Thistle on Sunday, there is no way Beale would have been as charitable with the walk in goal.

And Beale’s response was comedy gold, but not as comedic as Heart & Hand’s take on it:

I mean, did I miss something? Was there a part of the interview I missed that showed Beale ‘murdering’ Sutton?

The only thing that got murdered was Beale’s ego. That and H&H’s timeline as the Celtic fans slaughtered him for this bizarre take.

And I’ll leave this as the last word:

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