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“There’s something in what Chris Sutton has said” – Simon Jordan backs ex Celt and takes aim at Rangers gaffers ‘outlook’

Chris Sutton has sent Celtic twitter into a glorious meltdwon with his replies to Michael Beales comments about him yesterday.

Vital Celtic was first to break the news this morning as the site reported twice on Suttons brilliant Pedro Caixinha reference and a superb tweet volleyed at Rangers Review’s Johnny McFarlane and, remarkably, Beale’s mole.

But my good friend James Forrest did predict this morning on The Celtic Blog when he said, “Sutton is going to cane this guy harder than a Singapore housebreaker.”

And boy didn’t he just.

And it’s not just Sutton who has questioned Beale and whether or not he would extend the same courtesy to Celtic.

Simon Jordan took aim at the Rangers boss and also fired a shot at how he left QPR, “There’s something in what Chris Sutton has said, but I don’t know why he wants to take this on,” Jordan said on Talksport.

“He’s got bigger fish to fry by trying to make sure Rangers are competitive than to take on Chris Sutton, who often reminds me of John Lydon in the press, and what is a kind of provocative comment.

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“There’s something in it, I wonder if he would do it if it was Celtic in an Old Firm so I don’t really feel that Michael needs to get involved in that conversation.

“I’ve mixed emotions towards this fellow and I don’t want to categorise him.

Michael Beale by his outlook and what he exhibits at Queens Park Rangers by standing up and telling everyone how praiseworthy he was when he turned down an offer at Wolverhampton Wanderers then walking out the door at the first opportunity at Rangers.”

And Jordan is bang on. How can Beale talk about integrity after the way he treated QPR?

More and more people are starting to see through the mask and all it took for it to slip was one small comment from Sutton.

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