over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

Derek McInnes has been allowed to tell a bare faced lie about Ange Postecoglou unchallenged

VAR has been the bane of Scottish football. In fact, it’s been the bane of Celtic ever since the first game against Hearts at Tynecastle when we were denied a penalty after it ‘failed’ to pick up a blatant handball by Michael Smith.

We have also had many ridiculous handball decisions go against us whilst seeing many handball decisions for us denied.

But one thing we have to admire about Ange Postecoglou is that he never gets involved in the media and Scottish football managers bitching about the new(ish) technology.

In fact, the only gripe Ange has had and he’s been fairly consistent about it, is the length of time it takes to make VAR decisions.

Whether it goes for or against us Ange has never criticised any decision that VAR has made.

So why, then, was Kilmarnock manager Derek McInnes allowed to get away with lying about our manager?

As reported by Football Scotland, McInnes moaned, “It’s frustrating. You hear Ange Postecoglou and whoever talking and almost scoffing at VAR as if they get nothing.

While we, if you look at it, have had zilch. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We don’t seem to get any breaks at all.

Incredible that the first name he goes for is the Celtic manager. Or is it?

McInnes knows fine well what he has done. He knows that by highlighting Celtic it means it gets more publicity, takes the focus off of his team which are absolute dug meat at the moment and also makes it look like Ange is paranoid.

But then what do you expect off a guy that has serious Rangers leanings and claimed that a handball his OWN TEAM didn’t get awarded at Ibrox was correct.

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