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“Celtic will destroy them” – New Ibrox columnist might be looking for a new gig after Glasgow Derby comments

Dear me. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Tam McManus has got a habit of talking mince about our club at the best of times but on this occasion he is absolutely bang on the money.

Speaking on PLZ Soccer, McManus was reviewing Rangers first two performances under their new manager when he said this:

Did Tam forget that he is employed as a columnist for Ibrox News? If so, then I’m sure his employers may have a wee word in his ear regrading what was an honest opinion.

There’s nothing quite like an angry bear and the former Hibs man will find out quite soon that if he wants to continue with his new found gig, he will need to play to his audience.

Which makes his position as an impartial pundit untenable surely?

But hey, each to his own.

Back to his point though. Celtic will destroy this team on the 2nd January.

The amount of goals they leak at the back 8s phenomenal and with our firepower up front, we will win the Derby match with a couple of goals to spare.

But by thay let time the league could well be over because they can’t continue to rely on battling back every match. Eventually their luck will run out and that could very well start on Friday night up at Ross County.

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