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Celtic supporting movie star calls Rangers headbutt coach “cowardly”

It’s a story that’s hogged the headlines all week and just when we thought it was about to blend in with the background, Craig McPherson’s apology threw the whole ugly incident back into the limelight.

Because it wasn’t an apology. Well, it was, but not to the right person or for the right reasons.

McPherson’s true colours were shown on Monday night.

Calling Fran Alonso a ‘rat’ is the type of language that is commonly used by that support and to hit a man from behind?

Well that’s just…..you know what? I’ll let Hollywood actor Ross McCall take it from here.

Let’s be honest here. Be in no doubt, McPherson is not remorseful for his act.

He is only sorry that his actions dragged his sham of a club through the gutter again.

How many times does this club get to do these types of things before anyone takes action?

Broken glass in Joe Hart’s goalmouth. Physio and fans being attacked with bottles.

Players assaulted on the pitch by their fans. The list goes on.

Let’s see what the result of the SFA investigation brings and whether he gets properly punished.

You know what kind of punishment I think he’ll be handed?


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