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“I think Rangers have closed the gap” – Ewen Cameron’s baffling take from Cup final

Out of all the takes I’ve read about the cup final on Sunday, this has to be the worst one yet.

Celtic have proven on three occasions this season that when it comes to the brass tacks of taking us on and needing to get a result, the team residing at Ibrox just doesn’t have it in them.


But, speaking on The Big Scottish Football Podcast, Ewen Cameron seems to think differently:

“I didn’t think there was much in the game.

And I think that if Rangers had started the second half in the first half and they went without Lundstram and Kamara and they put Raskin in there and they put Cantwell in there, I think it’s a different game.

I don’t think there’s much in it. I think Rangers have closed the gap.

When you look back at the first Old F*rm game of the season when Celtic absolutely smashed them to bits, Rangers and get them back at Ibrox, it’s 2-2, Rangers should have won the game.

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You look at the Cup final, yes it’s only 2-1. You’re a side netting away from it being 2-2 and Rangers possibly with the momentum go on to win it.

So I think in regards to individual players, Celtic still have the better quality but just in regards to looking at the two teams yesterday there wasn’t much in it.

But Celtic just had the right quality at the right time.”

Aaaand if my granny had baws, Ewen.

The fundamental flaw in your argument is this. In both the games that you mention, Celtic were poor at Ibrox, Rangers still couldn’t take three points. Even with help from the referee.

Celtic never even got out of second gear at Hampden (and Joe Hart never had a save to make either) and we still comfortably won the final.

The long and short of it is this, Rangers are miles behind us. Absolutely miles. The cup final has shown that. Beale has had two must win games against us and failed to win both.

The only gap that has closed is the one between Beale’s mouth as the Rangers boss eats a bit of humble pie.

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