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“I strongly resent” – Hugh Keevins takes a pot shot at Celtic fans over Ange Postecoglou press runours

Where to even start with this.

All week we have had to endure the speculation that Ange Postecoglou could be a target for Leeds United after the EPL strugglers sacked Jesse Marsch on Monday.

And all because a former Leeds goalie said the clubs board should go and get him.

The press jumped on that story like a dog in season and humped the life out of it all week and it has annoyed the Celtic support.

Long have we held the belief that the press are trying to hound Ange out of Glasgow. They derided him when he first signed and when Ange quickly put his boot on their throat, they realised this is a guy who will not be messed with.

So how do they try and stick the boot in now? By linking him to every job that appears in the EPL.

But Hugh Keevins denies this. He flat out believes that there is no conspiracy and set the Celtic fans an ultimatum.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “As for Ange, yes, I’ve seen him, he is tied to the chair, he’s not going anywhere. For now.

And I strongly resent the implication, mainly on this programme, that the press are conspiring to get him out of the country.

Give me a shred of evidence to support this theory.”

Evidence? OK.




4. Hugh Keevins own dreadful A.N.G.E. column which he has since seriously backpeddled from.

5. Tuesday nights Superscoreboard was a disgraceful show where Mark Wilson, Gordon Dalziel and Gordon Duncan where actively pushing the Leeds job instead of talking up our own game.

Need I go on? Hugh needs to take off those blinkers and face the fact that Ange, and the Celtic fans, have had their number for well over 18 months now.

And they simply do not like it.

One thought on ““I strongly resent” – Hugh Keevins takes a pot shot at Celtic fans over Ange Postecoglou press runours”

  1. Why do you all fall for this shit its all just to wind you up so to sell news papers don’t give the house room anga will go when he ready no just because some mouthpeice has said so do you think for a min he would go to a club that is sitting 17th in the league & has not win a game since November think on

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