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Willie Collum and his Tynecastle VAR hypocrisy

Celtic and VAR go hand in hand don’t we?

Yeah, like a marriage ending in divorce!

I could count on one finger the amount of time the ref in a van has gotten a decision right that has went for us.

However, for those that have gone against us, we would need our six fingers, webbed feet friends from Govan to count them for us.

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And we yet another one not go for us today.

For context, do we all remember this little gem from Pittodrie earlier in the season:

Course we do. A decision that was made after Willie Collum reviewed the footage and awarded the belated penalty.

So, why then, was there no award for this on Alistair Johnston at Tynecastle today:

A carbon copy of the Pittodrie decision yet no award for Celtic. Why?

Another honest mistake? Or another decision made by a referee who clearly feels the need to prove he is not (allegedly) a Celtic fan that he goes into overkill just to make sure we don’t get any advantage in a game.

It’s just as well Ange’s side are just too good and that VAR, no matter how much it gets involved in our game, does not make any material difference to the outcome if our matches.


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