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“He is a deflection artist” – Hugh Keevins nails it and tells Robbie Nielson to ‘pipe down’ after latest Celtic comments

Robbie Nielson has to on of the most greeting faced managers in Scottish football.

Takes the credit when things are going well for his club but always looks for excuses whenever his team drop points.

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And Wednesday night was no different. Rather than talk up his team for a very good performance, he decided instead to get the media to focus on one innocuous challenge by Alexandro Bernabei with a chlidish ‘decapitation’ comment.

It was a clear and obvious attempt to take the light away from another Parkhead defeat and Hugh Keevins lambasted the Hearts manager for it.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard Keevins said, “There’s no point picking him up about being a bit of a hardcase as a player because Celtic, Rangers, plenty of teams have had real hard cases and the fans loved them for it.

I’m not bothered about the past as a player. I just think it was an ill judged remark to make and I just think he’s a deflection artist.

Every time something happens to Hearts he takes a story in another direction to deflect.

“As I say, I look at the league table.

I look at a Hearts team who are 25 points off 2nd place. So focus on that.

I think, incidentally, Hearts are a magnificently run club. I think Ann Budge does a great job.

I think the Hearts supporters put in millions of pounds. They are very much the acceptable face of fan ownership.

It terrific club and the manager should pipe down and realise that he’s lucky to be in charge.”

If Celtic do get past Hearts today and we scud them by about three goals or more, it will be interesting if Nielson will give the team any credit at all.

He won’t. He will find something to moan about. If his team were as good as the chip on his shoulder then maybe, just maybe, he would have a chance of catching Rangers in the future.

But he needs to stop lying down to them first, of course.

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