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Tynecastle footage of deranged Hearts fan emerges

It’s little wonder these idiots are referred to as Diets.

Their behaviour borders on H*nnish and to be honest, it’s not the first time we, as a a club and a fanbase, have had to put up with their nonsense.

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Neil Lennon and Scott Sinclair have been the subject of abuse from these idiots and not so long ago, Greg Taylor was spat at from the moronic element in their stands.

But this time, we have a cardboard gangster with a bumbag trying to intimidate the Celtic support but he only makes himself look like a complete moron.

Check this out:

They really are, aside from the Ibrox support, the most embarrassing fanbase in the country.

There was also an object thrown at Joe Hart from the stands today and as soon as I get more information on that I will bring it to you.

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