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Football Scotland uses John Hartson for latest anti-Celtic headline

I genuinely despair at the standard of journalism in Scotland these days.

I genuinely do.

The inability to present a story as a factual and informative piece but to instead sensationalise it all in the name of clicks really gets on my nerves.

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Take this latest offering by Football Scotland:

As soon as I read the caption I’m thinking to myself ‘That doesn’t sound like something Hartson would say’ and I was absolutely correct.

It is something our hacks would present to us as they try and belittle Celtic’s achievements and massage the Ibrox ego.

Here is what Hartson said, “They are third in the league and maybe we need to look at the league. Is the league strong enough?

Hearts are up to third and for me are the third best team in Scotland but who else is really threatening Hearts right now?

They are five points ahead of Hibs and way clear of other teams. Celtic, Rangers and Hearts are the top three teams and the other teams have to do a lot more to catch up.

“Celtic march on. They are steamrolling everyone right now, they really are.

They are 21 games unbeaten. They’re awesome. The one thing Hearts had to do – and I said it at the start of the game – was stay with Celtic.”

It’s all in the context, right?

Big John wasn’t questioning the league because of Celtic, he was questioning it because Hearts were made to look ordinary by a Hoops side that John himself said were “awsome”.

This type of headline is designed for one thing and one thing only. To bow down to the hordes of Ibrox. I’m telling you now there will be a thread on Follow Follow using this article to make themselves feel better about how bad their own team is.

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