Top Celtic podcaster calls out disgraceful Hatate media campaign with ‘The Kent’ video

There seems to be this narrative that rears its ugly head in the media whenever it comes to Celtic players and apparent ‘diving’.

Kyogo was subject to a torrent of abuse from the terraces because the BBC in their infinite wisdom decided to get Crawford Allan on their show to talk about simulation even though the Japanese striker has never dived in his career.

Hatate was proven to have been fouled in the aftermath of some no mark referee calling on him to be banned from cheating:

But strangely, they are quiet when Rangers players do things like this:

Or how about this:

And this dive from Sakala who tried to win a penalty to beat Raith Rovers:

And the only person to speak out about Kent and his antics? Tam Cowan.

That tells you all you need to know about the corrupt media in this country.

Celtic need to come out and furiously defend our players. They were awfully quiet when it came to Kyogo being slandered by ex-refs and professionals. Are they going to sit back and do the same again with Hatate?

I genuinely hope not.

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