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Celtic ‘disappointed’ with SFA in brilliant Scottish Cup statement

I suppose we could look at this in a positive light and say at least it’s not a lunchtime kick off.

As Celtic were informed that the SFA agree to a 530pm kick off to suit Viaplay, the club released a brilliant statement condemning the move.

Celtic have said, “We are hugely disappointed that the Scottish Cup Final has been moved from its traditional 3pm slot, something we don’t believe was necessary, or in the best interests of both sets of supporters. 

“Additionally, there was no meaningful consultation with Celtic on this matter, in terms of assessing the many issues affecting supporters attending the match – something which is also extremely regrettable.”

You really do have to wonder who actually runs our game. The SFA or the TV companies.

For too long now the likes of Sky and Viaplay have had too much say in the running of our game.

But as usual, the SFA take the coin and tell the rest of Scottish football and the fans to S.F.A.

It’s a ridiculous way to treat the fans, especially those travelling from the Highlands.

Would the English FA accept this nonsense? Absolutely not. They would tell the TV companies to GTF.

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