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“I think you’re doing Carter-Vickers a misjustice” – Celtic fan pulls up Hugh Keevins up for hypocritical defender claim

Comparisons. We all love them, don’t we. We all love to compare great players from the past to those we have at the club the now.



We could go on.

So when Hugh Keevins makes this statement about Cameron Carter-Vickers and pulls up Celtic fans for making the comparison and claiming he’s the best since Billy McNeill, well, I just wonder what the journalist was thinking about.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said of Carter Vickers, “Overall in his Celtic career, people love comparisons and the comparison yesterday was he was the best since Billy McNeill.

You need to slow down.

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There’s somebody called Virgil van Dijk, who played at the back for Celtic. There was somebody called Paul Elliot who played at the back.

And just to go back to Paul’s [the caller] comment about ‘Hearts cloggers’, the first booking of the game was for Carter Vickers for cementing Stephen Kingsley.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having hard men at the back.

Paul you know you I’m sure in your time you loved Bobo Balde and the Celtic crowd chanting ‘Bobo is gonna get you’.

So a hard man at the back are perfectly allowable.”

Hold on, so fans can’t compare CCV to big Billy but he can to VVD and Paul Elliot? Weird that.

But the caller replied, “That’s right, Hugh. I did say that’s their right. They can be clog merchants.

You know, but I think you’re doing Carter-Vickers a misjustice as well.

I saw Paul Elliot, he wasn’t there that long, I saw Virgil Van Dijk. Defensive wise, I’m not really seeing much of a difference.

Maybe attack wise he could take a freekick and stuff but I think he’s [CCV] a lot more steady.

I think he is the stand out defender in our league and if we get to hang on to him, I think we’ll do well.”

I’ll say it. Cameron Carter-Vickers has the potential to be better than VVD. There you are.

Considering he is still only 25 years old and is just getting into a first team groove and winning medals, the American has all the attributes to be a top defender.

A couple of more seasons at Celtic and how knows what his future will hold?

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