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Brilliant video shows every Rangers Glasgow Derby mistake that makes a mockery of Ibrox defender’s warning

As if we ever needed to be shown just how bad the Rangers defence is, here is a brilliant video that demonstrates just how awful and how big the gap is between the Celtic strikers and the Rangers defence.

For too long now we have listened to the players from Glasgow’s South Side bleat about how the gap isn’t that big and how the next game is going to be a lesson for us when in reality, what this video shows that there is only one team learning lessons from the recent Glasgow Derbies.

Have a watch of this:


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I’m just wondering. What do we really have to worry about for the Scottish Cup semi final?

Absolutely nothing. Listen, I am not for one second saying that we should be complacent and take the fixture as an automatic win. Ange would never allow that anyway. 

But the same defensive errors made every time they come up against us shows us only one thing. They do not have the mentality to match us on the park.

That’s why they continually bleat off it. And as long as that continues, Ange will have the measure of Mick’s Men every single time.


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