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BBC Sportsound try to explain why ref didn’t review VAR for Kyogo penalty claim but fails miserably

Ok, we all hate VAR. That is a fact.

The refereeing technology has caused more problems than it has solved and it seems that the more people try to explain the decisions made by the ref or when VAR should intervene, the more muddier the waters get.

Take this attempt from BBC Sportsound to try and explain why Andrew Dickinson wasn’t given the nudge by Andrew Dallas to review the VAR footage of the Kyogo challenge.

For context, here it is here:

Alistair from BBC Sportsound attempted to explain why Dickinson didn’t come to the VAR screen to see the Kyogo challenge but just confused matters even more, “My understanding on this and I am willing to be corrected on this but certainly if there’s anything subjective about it, then the referee should come and look at the stream.

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So clearly Andrew Dallas on the VAR has seen something and he recommends that David Dickinson have another look at it himself.

So it’s subjective as to whether that is a penalty. Now, you could argue that something being in or out of the box is objective.

So that would be the rationale for me for David Dickinson not to come and have a look at that.

If Andrew Dallas says 100% that it’s outside the penalty area in the first period, then I guess that would be why he doesn’t need to come and look at the monitor.”

Except it’s not 100% it’s outside the area now is it? From the footage, it is clear that Kyogo is on the line which means he is in the box so surely a penalty must be awarded? Or, at the very least, ask the ref to take a look at it?

Clearly there is a nudge from Dallas to Dickinson. Followed by a few winks and another couple of nudges…….

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