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Barry Ferguson takes off blue tinted specs with incredible penalty admission

The Connor Goldson penalty drama will be mostly dominated by Celtic fans and Celtic minded pundits showing their disbelief that a such a simple penalty award was denied the visitors in yesterday’s 2-2 draw with *Rangers.

It’s probably THE clearest penalty that you will ever see a VAR official being offered up. It was actually harder to get the decision wrong than it was to award it.

But, for whatever bizarre reason, Willie Collum failed to either highlight the error to the referee or he missed it.

If he missed it, he must be the only person on the planet that did.

One man didn’t and considering his leanings, there was a surprising honesty and freshness about Barry Ferguson’s take on the incident.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson said, “For me Connor Goldson’s hands are in an unnatural position when it strikes his hands and Rangers have got away with one there.

I know that is going to be the talking point coming out of the game. Rangers were really good in the way they approached the game, but in my honest opinion it strikes his hand and, yup, penalty.”

And if someone like Ferguson can admit it and say that the penalty should have been awarded, why can’t out officials?

Of course, we all know why. We all know that there is a certain level of incompetence that is married to our men in black.

The club need to address this with the SFA. Nothing less will do because as long as we stay silent on this, we are complicit.

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