Main stand turnstiles at Celtic Park

Ange Postecoglou’s class reaction to Lee Johnson’s post match rant

I think we all need to agree that no matter your footballing leanings, the referees are never going to keep every set of supporters happy.

Celtic fans are, rightly, suspicious of VAR and how the new technology is deployed whenever we play, but Lee Johnson wasn’t happy firstly with the red card in the game and believed referee Steven McLean’s performance was unacceptable.

Weird considering the amount of time wasting antics his side and himself got away with but there you go.

Ange wasnl asked about Johnson’s comments on VAR and his answer was just first class.

Ange is just a class act and refuses to get drawn into petty arguments. The press in Scotland hate that.

He gives them nothing but, in turn, takes them for absolute mugs.

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