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Ange Postecoglou’s brilliantly reminds BBC reporter how he was treated when he arrived in Scotland

Ange does not miss a trick does he?

He will never forget how his arrival at Celtic was trumpeted as by the Scottish media.

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From day one, they derided him and treated him like some sort of football outcast and my goodness, has he proved them wrong.

He was asked how he felt about his 100th game in charge of the club and speaking pre-match on BBC Sportsound prior to kick off, Ange said, “It’s like any other role I’ve had.

You’re coming in for a reason and I’ve always believed that my role within that is to try and really establish early on the kind of football club you want to be in the way you want to play.

And it’s like your first day in school.

You’re gonna eat lunch on your own and eventually you have people coming up to you, spending some time with you, and it’s fair to say we’re in a much better place.”

Absolutely bang on from the gaffer and done in a way that Jane Lewis thought he was joking.

He was not.

That last quip about ‘eating lunch on your own’ was spot on. It wasn’t until the penny dropped with the media that Ange was the real deal did they show him any respect.

Big Ange, from day one, has had them on strings. And on game 100, they are still dancing to his tune.

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