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“I think everyone that says he is going to go is probably a Rangers supporter” – Celtic legends outstanding blast at media circus and praises Ange’s ‘honour’

The media have been tying themselves up in knots over Ange Postecoglou and Leeds.

They are hoping, no, they are praying that the Celtic boss will take up the role so that a) Rangers have a chance of winning the league and b) Ange stops tying them up in knots himself.

The gaffer takes no nonsense from the hacks up here and they hate him for it.

Yes, on live radio they will says it is ‘refreshing’ and ‘great’ and ‘honest’ he is when in reality, they despise the fact that they can barely get a rise out of him never mind a headline.

And Frank McAvennie has brilliantly called them out.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “I think everyone that says he is going to go is probably a Rangers supporter.

“It is more wishful thinking than anything. I have no doubt Ange will cut it in the Premier League, there is no chance he won’t make it to the very top.

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“But, no disrespect to Leeds, they are a huge club, he has a thing to do at Celtic. Hopefully we will see him for a couple of years at Celtic, he has got plenty of time to go before he moves on.

“He is going to move but he won’t go yet. He has got too much honour and he just loves the club. He will repay them by winning trophies and getting them to a level they have not been before.

“We know he is going to go at some point but it will be on his terms and his time. When he goes it will be with the blessing of all the Celtic supporters but he will not jump ship that is for sure.“

Ange is going nowhere, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow for the media but they will just need to continue to take their medicine from Ange for another season yet.

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