Ibrox Stadium

Ange Postecoglou has Follow Follow rattled and it is delicious

Big Ange. What can you say about the man?

Every time he speaks he has Celtic fans hanging onto his every word and every time he speaks he also has Michael Beale and the Ibrox support hanging onto his every word.

That support hate him with a passion. Why?

Because he called out their manager for his ridiculous lucky statement and his embarrassing budget moans.

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Have you ever heard a *Rangers manager go on about us more than he does?

It’s as if Beale knows that by taking over that den of sin he knows he will never, ever get to work at our club.

But it wouldn’t be because of being an Ibrox employee that he wouldn’t get a job at Celtic. It would be because he is just not good enough.

And over at Follow Follow, the gaffer has gotten right under their scaly skins. So much so that an eight page thread with over 350 comments is going strong.

And I had to leave the thread after just the first page because sometimes when you down the rabbit hole, there is no coming back.

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