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Superscoreboard embarrasses itself once more as it wildly misinterprets Celtic fans brilliant Ange call

If you look up irony in the dictionary, you will probably see the logo of Clyde 1 Superscoreboard next to the meaning.

Ok, you won’t, but when you listen to this brilliant call by a Celtic fan and then listen to how Gordon Duncan incredibly misinterprets what he is saying and then refer back to the article I had written about Hugh Keevins earlier today, you will see exactly what I mean.

The Celtic fan, John, called the show to argue a very good point about mid table EPL clubs possibly not not willing to take a chance on the high risk football Ange plays as they wouldn’t want to risk their place in the cash rich league was a very pertinent point.

Gordon Duncan’s take on it was just baffling. Have a listen to this:

I absolutely understood the callers point. In now way was he suggesting that Ange was not good enough to manage in the EPL.

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We all know it takes at least a season for Angeball to embed into the side and with the quality of player the opposition has down south, the likelihood of being punished the way the fullbacks play is higher which could mean a risk of dropping points.

If Ange was to get a top six side, the chances of that happening are smaller as he would have better players and the opportunity to drop points lessens.

How Gordon Duncan still managed to not get that point after the caller explained it a second time is beyond me. It’s hardly rocket science.

And this was in the very same program that Hugh Keevins challenged the Celtic fans to come up with proof that the media are not conspiring against the Celtic manager.

That’s twice now I’ve proved Hugh Keevins wrong in one day.

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