Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

After Barry’s Brogues, just like Baldrick, Beale reveals his cunning plan to revive Alfie

Remember yesterday I told how Barry Ferguson revealed that the Return of the Brogue was going to somehow help his flailing club win the title?

Well now we have another cunning plan. A plan so well thought out that Ange may as well pack his bags and head back to Oz because Ibrox domination is on the way.

Couple with the brogues and tie, Michael Beale reveals the next step to turning his club’s fortunes around AND bring back the multi million pound value to Freddo and Kent.

So what is this plan? A contract extension? Extra training sessions? Work on their tactical side of the game to produce more goals and assists?

Nope. None of these. It’s something much more simpler that I’m amazed, and angry to be fair, that Ange never thought of this with his squad.

According to The Sun, Beale said, “I’d like Alfredo to smile more, that’s important.

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“I’ve actually said that to Ryan, too, and some of the other players, show that you’re living your dream. I want them to show that they are.

“At this time of year, as a footballer especially, you are around your family, and arguably everybody in your family would want to be you.

“You’re a professional football player, you earn big money to play in front of thousands of people, earning a good living. It’s important they enjoy that.

“Sometimes at clubs like Rangers, the background noise can become a bit big and you overlook that.

“So it’s important I have those conversations, and Alfredo is certainly a better player when he feels the warmth of everybody around him. The only place we can guarantee that is inside this building.”

Tactical genius. The brains behind the operation.

All those superlatives that have been sent Beale’s way are worth it after this genius idea.

Ange must be shaking in his boots.

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