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“You must be an absolute mental case to do that” – ACSOM slaughter Hearts fan for alleged dart attack on Joe Hart

The Scottish Cup win at Tynecastle was a great game of football and a great result for Celtic.

We set our intentions out early with a goal withing two minutes and after that it was cruise control.

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Running out eventual 3-0 winners, we now look forward to finding out who we get in the semi final as we take a step to yet another treble.

But the game in Edinburgh was marred with an incident regarding Joe Hart where it is alleged that the Hoops goalkeeper was targeted by a fan who allegedly threw a DART at the Celtic player.

And the act was lambasted by Paddy Sinat on the A Celtic State of Mind podcast’s post match review.

A raging Sinat said, “We are no stranger to that are we? We’ve had Neil Lennon getting attacked. I remember Scott Sinclair’s debut when he scored the winner against Hearts at Tynecastle and he ran away celebrating and someone tried to take a swing at him as well.

So I mean, I don’t know the answer on how to fix that.

Obviously the stadium is on top of that pitch, and that’s what creates the atmosphere, but these morons have no place in the game at all.

I mean, what sort of psyche do you have to think to yourself, ‘I’m going to lift a dart, I’m going to put it in my pocket when I’m going to take it to the game, I’m going to sit in the stand and I’m going to throw it at a player.’

You must be an absolute mental case to do something that. I’ve never understood that.

The same with broken bottles [at Ibrox].

Okay, take a drink to the game, fine, but why the hell would you go there and smash the bottle and have it in your head to go through the steps and stages to take they actions and to think that’s alright to do?

It’s mental. Absolutely mental.”

Celtic have also had our problems in dealing with this kind of behaviour at Celtic Park. Ok, not in the levels of a dart or broken bottles but regardless, anyone thinking it’s ok to throw any sort of missile at a player should be charges by the police and banned from the stadium for life. End of.

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