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Aberdeen supporter’s liquidation jab causes Sevco meltdown and it goes viral

Wait! Hold up!

I thought the only fans that were interested, nope, sorry, obsessed with the whole *Rangers dying thing was us?

Are we not meant to be the only supporters that claim that they are a new club?

Are you sure because that’s what I’ve been hearing. For the last ten years.

The deluded wee gullibillies still believe that liquidation is an event that goes on when you go to the pub.

Many of them also believe that said liquidation is something you just magically ‘come out of’ when you start up as a new club. No wait, sorry, company.

So if they didn’t die, as they claim, why is it that every time they are told they are a new club they simply just meltdown?

This Aberdeen supporter decided to go fishing on Twitter last night with this little beauty:

Nailed it, and by God he caught a few belters on there.

I’ll tell you what else is strange, the amount of *Rangers fans with a photo of a bear in a sexual position with a sheep saved on their phone is genuinely disturbing.

This deluded reply was just the best out of the lot:

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