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Stephen McGowan reveals the real reason Rangers opposed new TV deal

They’ll tell you it’s because it’s not worth the money. They’ll also tell you that they are trying to get the best deal for Scottish football.

Rangers see themselves as some sort of ‘saviours of Scottish football’.

If it’s not dossiers on referee’s it’s pretend grievances against the games sponsors.

So is it no surprise that the Ibrox boardroom opposed the new Sky TV deal?

For the record, it’s a shocking deal. We will actually get less money per game than what we are receiving right now so don’t let the increase of £5m per season fool you.

But the club most strongly opposed to it was the Ibrox club. And for what reason?

Stephen McGowan revealed in his article in The Daily Mail, “While 11 clubs agreed, Rangers declined to support the move unless the SPFL apologised for its handling of a dispute with the Ibrox club over the cinch sponsorship deal and agreed to meet the legal costs incurred during arbitration.”

There you have it. Self-serving interest and looking after one’s own public image and trying to claw back money.

Would you expect anything else?

They really are a shambles of a club that seek to find grievance wherever it can be found.

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