“Lies”, “Looks like King had a point” – The gig’s up as Bears turn on Ibrox directors

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

Just yesterday I wrote about Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain’s theory on the press love in by the *Rangers board two days ago.

The very fact they held a press conference to discuss the ‘conspiracy theories’ surrounding the club on the day Celtic posted very impressive financial results should set the alarm bells ringing with the Govan support.

It did, but not in the way you would think.

Rather than focus on the financial state of the club, these supporters called out the Director’s for the broken promises made to them almost two full seasons ago:

So has the protesting of the board finally woke the Ibrox support?

It’s two years too late in my opinion and it seems like the lady [the board] doth protest too much here.

The January window will be very interesting!

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