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“Lenny will love that” – Cypriot fans protest against the monarchy

So it’s not just us pesky Celtic fans that are against the idea of the monarchy?

Fancy that.

If you were to listen to the media over the last week, they would have you believe all her subjects were walking around wearing black crying into a hankie at the news of the Queens death.

Unfortunately for them, I would say about 80% of the country couldn’t give a damn about the whole rigmarole surround the passing of the former Monarch.

And it seems it’s not just Celtic fans either.

Neil Lennon’s new club Omonian Nicosia’s fans held their own wee demonstration and the Green Brigades banner wording is fairly tame compared to theirs.

Burn in Hell. Dearie me, wait till the mainstream media hear about this. They will be absolutely apopleptic!

Wait, it’s been three days and still heard nothing?

That’s bizarre!

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