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Phil Mac’s outstanding two-word description of last night’s Ibrox circus

I really enjoy reading Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain’s blog.

Regular readers will know I often cover his work just to give an insight of the behind the scenes going’s on at Govan.

His ability to deliver a killer blow, or line is first class when it comes to critiquing the blue side of Glasgow and this time, he has outdone himself.

At Ibrox last night, it looked like The Last Night at The Proms rocked up drunk and spewed all over the stadium as the Rangers fans put on an embarrassing show that smacked of them trying to hard to show how loyal they are.

As that club and the rest of the UK try to ‘out royal’ each other, the rest of normal civilisation look on with a sense of wonderment. A sense of WTF is actually going on here?

In his latest blog, Phil puts a two word description of the Ibrox Royal show and to be honest, even if he stopped writing at the headline, I think we can all universally agree that this is spot on:

Gammon Porn is just perfect.

That’s the headline. The blog itself is brilliant but I can tell you this, not that he would want to, he’ll not win any friends over in Govan way.

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