Ibrox Stadium

“Never underestimate the influence certain Celtic personalities still have at UEFA”, “Dirty fenian b**tards” – Moonhowling continues on Follow Follow after minute’s silence announcement

I love these fans.

I hope they never change. The very fact we live rent free in their heads is amazing and when UEFA announced that there will be no minutes silence prior to our kick off in Warsaw, well that has just about ended them.

Let’s look at it factually.

This is a European competition being held in a country with no affiliation to our monarchy also against a side from Eastern Europe that could not give a toss about the 96 year old that has just passed away.

Coupled with the fact that Celtic fans (on the whole) see that family as a symbol of oppression and goes against the very values of the club, is it any wonder UEFA couldn’t give a toss either?

Enjoy this little snippet of madness from the FF chaps. The link is here if you want to watch them completely blow over:


Outrage one hand, bigotry on the other:

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